1win Support

1win, a company with a great status in the sphere of sports betting in India, provides all online services necessary for your convenient stay here. Of course, these include such obvious features as the diversity of tournaments to place bets on, the presence of various alternatives to betting like casino and live options, support of rupees, and attractive promotions and bonuses.  However, the list of its offerings is far from complete! The most crucial but the least obvious feature that each bookmaker should have is customer support. It is the face of the whole company showing clients whether the bookmaker is reliable and caring or just not worth your attention. When it comes to 1win India, this company boasts of its customer support service. Users of the 1win online bookmaker note that its representatives help them without any difficulties. They can contact workers in many ways, and it is pretty convenient. There is one more important point – working hours. 1win India is ready to help you every day of the year, 24 hours a day! That is why here, your issues will be solved instantly!

How to contact customer support

If you are a customer of 1win but still not sure whether to contact its customer support or not, we want you to know that it is entirely trustworthy. No matter how difficult your problem is, the 1win support will try to solve it anyway. Moreover, it is easy to contact! As we have already noted, it is always online while the team of professionals is always ready to help you. Contacting the 1win representatives is effortless and quick. For this, you have to:



Launch the official 1win website;



At the bottom of the homepage, you will see all possible ways to contact 1win support;



Choose any you prefer;



Fill in the contact data and tell the 1win online support team what your issue is.

Bear in mind that the 1win employees will help you much faster if you explain your problem in detail.

Ways of contacting customer support

Detailed description of ways to support players on 1Win.

As you have already understood, the 1win online betting company provides lots of different ways to contact its support team. All of them you will find directly on the site or in the app, at the bottom of the homepage. In this review, we would like to tell you in detail about each of them. First, find out what methods are available in this table:

EmailPhone NumberChatSocial Networks
[email protected]8-800-301-77-89Online on the platform1win Telegram, Instagram, VK, Youtube


Nowadays, email communication has become a commonly used option. People prefer this method because it is always safe and you may express all your thoughts and write carefully about the issue. The 1win address is [email protected]. So, if some questions appear during your registration, login, or other procedures, you should reach out to the 1win support representatives.

Phone Number

Phone calls are usually faster than other contact methods. Take your phone, tap 8-800-301-77-89, and tell 1win about the problem you are having. If something happened with your money or you forgot your password and can’t log in – don’t worry, just call customer support.


1win also offers you to try out its live chat that is located on its site. At the bottom of the main page, you will see the message icon by clicking on which the 1win chat will open. Enter your personal information and the issue you have. The main convenience of the chat is that the 1win representative will answer you in a couple of seconds! Thus, you will have the ability to talk to the 1win support team without any delays. By the way, this contact method is very popular in 2021 and is referred to as the most innovative one.

Social Networks

The company maintains some social networks, such as 1win Telegram, VK, Instagram, and Youtube. We must admit that this is not a traditional way of contacting the customer support of the 1win bookmaker. However, we have included this method in the list because via social networks, you can follow the 1win news and even get in touch with its employees. 

However, it doesn’t work as a customer support service, so it might be better to try all the ways mentioned above, and if you don’t get an answer, then you can try your luck on social networks. We should say that the 1win Telegram will be the most effective option to contact its team because this social network is based on communication between people like an ordinary messenger.


What way of communication is the most convenient?

It’s a well-known fact that 1win brings you several ways to reach out to the company: via email, phone, online chat, and social networks as an additional option. They are all quite straightforward and fast to use.  Nevertheless, we can highlight one from all of them – live chat. We guess that the answer was obvious because the 1win chat has become a popular choice for thousands of Indians thanks to its simplicity. You can describe your problem without unnecessary nerves and mistakes because when you write something by yourself, you concentrate your mind on one letter or another and can easily express your thoughts. As a result, it will be easier for 1win representatives to understand you. But why is chat more convenient than email? Because it operates in live mode, it means that you will get the answer to your question within a couple of seconds!

What should I type in the letter to customer support?

You should remember that writing a letter to customer support is an important and sometimes even difficult process. You should write in a way that a 1win representative can understand you; otherwise, he/she won’t be able to help you.  We recommend that you type the topic of your problem and its description: what it contains, what it is related to, when it happened, and so on. Then, type what you have already managed to do with this and what it has led to. It will also be great if you attach the screenshots showing your issue. All these features will help the 1win support team to solve your tricky situation more quickly. Keep in mind that the work of the 1win representatives depends on your description of the problem.

How quickly does 1win customer support respond?

The answer dedicated to the speed of the 1win support work depends on the contact way you have chosen. For example, an email answer can take up to 24 hours, while the phone call will be answered within a few minutes. The live chat works even quicker – the 1win employees will answer you almost instantly. Social networks can take more time.  However, you should bear in mind that sometimes customer support of 1win has a lot of calls and email letters, and it takes longer to answer all customers. In this case, you will have to wait a little longer than usual.

Can customer support solve any problems I have?

The 1win customer support service guarantees that it will try to solve any problems you have. But, of course, it has a certain list of different problems that it usually solves. You can get acquainted with it below: Registration and login to the site and the app; Payment issues (withdrawing, depositing); Verification; Receiving bonuses, compliance with requirements in promotions; Winnings amount; Some technical issues, which are connected with the work of the site or the application. So, 1win is primarily responsible for the solution of the problems written above. Nevertheless, if your problem is not written here, the customer support service will try to help you anyway. By the way, you can check the FAQ section of the site, where you may find an answer to your question without even contacting the support team of 1win!

Are there any peculiarities of the 1win support that I should know?

In addition to the fact that customer support of 1win is very helpful, it has some other peculiarities. For example, you should know that it is impossible to communicate with it in Hindi, the team speaks only English. Furthermore, it can answer you within some time, not so quickly as most people think. This is because 1win has plenty of customers, and sometimes a large number of them need help. So, if it seems to you that customer support ignores you – it doesn’t, it will answer you as soon as possible!

Can I contact customer support via the 1win mobile app?

Of course! If you prefer betting via the mobile application, you can contact the customer service here. Moreover, the site’s mobile version also contains such a feature. We must note that the 1win India app supports both Android and iOS gadgets. Also, there is the possibility to communicate with customer support via the app for the macOS. Select any method of your choice, and don’t hesitate to contact the 1win team!